Fidelcrest’s Extended 2FOR1 Offer- Limited Time Only!

As the deadline for Fidelcrest’s extended 2FOR1 offer approaches, traders have to capitalize on this exceptional opportunity. The prolonged promotion, running until Sunday, January 14, 23:59 EET, underlines Fidelcrest’s commitment to supporting traders on their journey to success.

By leveraging the TRYOUT-2FOR1 promo code on Fidelcrest Challenge Accounts, traders can secure a second Challenge Account for free after successfully navigating phase 1. The ability to use the promo code multiple times for each acquired account underscores Fidelcrest’s dedication to providing flexibility and value to their trading community.

Fidelcrest's Extended 2FOR1 Offer

Fidelcrest’s Extended 2FOR1 Offer

It’s essential to note that while the free account doesn’t include add-ons, this transparent approach ensures traders are well-informed about the terms of the promotion. Fidelcrest’s extension of this offer aligns with its mission to empower traders, offering them a risk-free avenue to explore proprietary trading.

For those seeking to enhance their trading experience and diversify their portfolios, time is of the essence. Visit Fidelcrest’s website today to participate in this extended 2FOR1 offer and take advantage of Fidelcrest’s renowned challanges to navigate the complexities of the financial markets.

In the fast-paced world of trading, Fidelcrest’s extended 2FOR1 offer provides a unique chance for traders to maximize their potential. Seize this opportunity before the deadline and embark on a path of trading growth with Fidelcrest.

Remember, however, that Fidelcrest emphasizes that the free account does not include any add-ons, providing transparency about the terms of the promotion.

About the Firm

Fidelcrest is a proprietary trading company that is in search of talented traders. They are providing traders with the opportunity to take the next step in their trading career and manage significant amounts of capital. Traders have the opportunity to earn substantial profits, with the flexibility to manage account sizes up to $1,000,000 and receive up to 90% profit splits. This can be accomplished through trading various financial instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

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