The 5%ers Trader Ronnapol Interview- Withdrew $19057.50!

In an exclusive interview, Ronnapol, a 34-year-old trader from Thailand, has recently shared his journey to success with The 5%ers. Ronnapol, who has been actively trading for 1.5 years, identifies as a swing trader and credits his achievements to a disciplined trading plan and the invaluable lessons learned from The 5%ers Bootcamp.

Ronnapol’s trading strategy revolves around fundamental principles such as supply and demand, support and resistance, and wave counting. He also emphasizes the importance of liquidity with his unique concept of “bsL SSL” (liquidity comes first).

The 5%ers Trader Ronnapol Interview

Ronnapol openly shared a challenging phase in his trading career, facing failure in 19 out of 100-200k account sizes within the past 1.5 years. However, he attributes his recovery to the lessons found in the books “Trading in the Zone” and the diligent maintenance of trading journals. These tools helped him analyze and learn from his failures.

Acknowledging the unpredictable nature of the market, Ronnapol outlined his risk management approach. He aims for a 1% drawdown of the account size per day, but he remains adaptable, adjusting his strategy based on performance. Notably, if he experiences three consecutive losing days, he modifies his exit point to 3RR for the subsequent winning trade. Ronnapol maintains a risk-reward ratio ranging from 3-10 RR.

Ronnapol credits The 5%ers Bootcamp, especially the 25k Bootcamp program, as a turning point in his trading career. Despite previous setbacks, this program aided him in refining his risk control strategies. Although he had faced challenges in passing phase one, the 25k Bootcamp marked a significant achievement for Ronnapol, propelling him into trading at higher stakes.

Reflecting on his mental strength, Ronnapol attributes his dedication to trading as a means of making a living, with the last two months presenting additional pressures due to a significant reduction in income. He acknowledges the role of discipline and strict adherence to rules during challenging times, expressing gratitude for the learning experiences and growth.

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