TFT Trader Bjorn Interview- Turning Loss in Millions?

In a recent interview with The Funded Trader (TFT), accomplished day trader Bjorn provided a detailed account of his trading journey, shedding light on the strategies and mindset that have contributed to his success in the financial markets.

Bjorn, who has been with TFT for several months, emphasized the significance of maintaining a disciplined approach to trading. He highlighted the critical role played by market psychology, asserting that success in trading is not solely dependent on strategies and technical analysis but heavily influenced by a trader’s mindset.

“I think mainly for traders that are just starting out, focus on the market psychology. The charts, the analysis, the strategies, that’s all good. But mainly, it’s not about the strategy. It’s about the mindset,” advised Bjorn.

TFT Trader Bjorn Interview

Sharing his personal experiences, Bjorn recounted his early struggles with discipline, recalling a pivotal moment in his mentorship when he learned the importance of sticking to trading rules. “If you do that one more time, just moving your stop loss, then it’s done. You can take your money, and I won’t mentor you anymore. Let us be very clear. These are the rules, and you just have to stick with them,” he shared, reflecting on a stern warning from his mentor.

Bjorn detailed his trading routine, utilizing tools such as TradingView and a spreadsheet for backtesting and journaling. His commitment to a clean strategy, weekly reviews, and meticulous documentation have contributed to his consistent performance as a day trader.

When asked about his trading style, Bjorn revealed that he focuses on day trading, primarily during the London and New York sessions. With a minimum risk-reward ratio of 3.5 and a win rate ranging from 50% to 60%, he stressed the importance of understanding one’s trading style and adapting strategies accordingly.

Reflecting on his time with TFT, Bjorn expressed satisfaction with them and the supportive community. “I really like the concept because it’s just really clean. You just have to hit your 10%. It’s so simple, but it’s not easy,” he remarked.

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