Forex Capital Funds 3-Step Challenge  – A New One?

Forex Capital Funds has announced the launch of its new 3-step challenge, setting an industry benchmark with remarkably low prices. This 3-step model is designed to empower traders with flexibility and attractive profit targets, all while maintaining a robust risk management framework.

The challenge comprises three distinct phases, each with unique profit targets and drawdown limits. In Phase 1, traders are tasked with achieving an 8% profit target, followed by 5% in both Phase 2 and Phase 3. The daily drawdown remains consistent at 5% across all phases.

Forex Capital Funds 3-Step Challenge

Forex Capital Funds 3-Step Challenge

One of the standout features of this model is the Maximum Daily Drawdown, which is 10% for all phases. This control mechanism is in place to safeguard against excessive losses. What sets Forex Capital Funds apart is the ambitious yet achievable 14-day payout time. Traders participating in this challenge can reap the rewards of their successful trading endeavors within a fortnight.

Also, the firm emphasizes flexibility by eliminating any minimum trading days requirement. This means that traders can move on to the next phase of the challenge after achieving the required Profit Target. No more waiting!

Furthermore, the challenge offers an unlimited timeframe for completion. Traders have the freedom to approach the challenge in a manner that suits their individual trading styles without the pressure of time constraints.

Forex Capital Funds’ new challenge model is going to attract traders seeking a dynamic yet secure environment to showcase their skills. The combination of low costs, reasonable profit targets, and a well-structured risk management framework positions this model as a compelling opportunity for traders looking to excel in the forex market.

About the Firm

Forex Capital Funds aims to facilitate quick and convenient access to global markets at significantly reduced expenses compared to the current prop trading industry. They also aspire to revolutionize prop traders’ perceptions of what they can accomplish within a trader funding program on a more significant basis.

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