Forex Capital Funds 2-Step Challenge – Updated Version?

Forex Capital Funds has introduced the “New 2-Step Challenge – The Voyager Challenge.” This innovative challenge aims to redefine the prop landscape with its unique structure.

The Voyager Challenge sets a new standard by incorporating low-profit targets for traders. In Phase 1, participants have to achieve an 8% profit, followed by a Phase 2 target of 4%. Also, traders can swiftly progress to the next phase upon reaching the profit target, eliminating the waiting period commonly associated with challenges. In simple words, No Minimum Trading Days. This enables traders to advance to the next phase as soon as they meet the profit target, offering a dynamic and efficient trading experience.

The challenge places a strong emphasis on risk management, with a daily drawdown limit of 4% across all phases. This ensures that traders maintain a disciplined approach to their activities.

Forex Capital Funds 2-Step Challenge

Forex Capital Funds 2-Step Challenge

Forex Capital Funds has set a new standard with its 14-day payout timeline, providing traders with rapid access to their earnings. Moreover, the firm boasts the “Lowest price in the industry,” making the Voyager Challenge not only an attractive opportunity but also a cost-effective one for aspiring traders.

So, the Voyager Challenge is going to become a game-changer in the prop industry, fostering talent and providing a platform for traders to showcase their skills without prolonged waiting periods. The 2-step challenge structure and low-profit targets align with Forex Capital Funds’ commitment to nurturing and rewarding trading excellence.

As Forex Capital Funds continues to push the boundaries of prop trading, the Voyager Challenge stands out as a beacon of innovation, promising a dynamic and rewarding journey for traders seeking a progressive and supportive trading environment.

About the Firm

Forex Capital Funds aims to facilitate quick and convenient access to global markets at significantly reduced expenses compared to the current prop trading industry. Their goal extends beyond offering competitive pricing. They also aspire to revolutionize prop traders’ perceptions of what they can accomplish within a trader funding program on a more significant basis.

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