TFT Trader Adaisha Interview – Turned $800 into $8,000?

In an exclusive interview with Adaisha, a funded trader associated with The Funded Trader (TFT) firm, valuable insights into her journey, strategies, and experiences have been revealed.

Adaisha shares that her entry into trading began through a friend named Jaylen, who introduced her to the world of trading via Robin Hood. As a former Navy member, Adaisha and her colleagues embraced the trading platform, exchanging free stocks and exploring various strategies. She initially followed a strategy developed by Jaylen but realized the need for a more independent approach as he planned to sell his proprietary strategy.

TFT Trader Adaisha Interview

Transitioning to YouTube, Adaisha discovered the Inner Circle Trader through another trader, Ron Trades. Immersing herself in ICT’s content, she honed her skills, overcoming initial challenges tied to psychology and the complexities of being a beginner in the trading world. While Adaisha acknowledges using several indicators, including different EMAs, she emphasizes that her early struggles were rooted more in psychology and inexperience than the specific strategy itself.

Adaisha’s journey with TFT involved undergoing a challenge, where she successfully attained funding after spending $800. Reflecting on her most profitable trade, Adaisha highlights an accumulation of multiple trades rather than one significant breakthrough. She emphasizes the importance of taking time and avoiding shortcuts for sustainable profitability.

Discussing psychological hurdles, Adaisha addresses negative self-talk and anxiety, common challenges she faces. To cope with anxiety, she adopts a pragmatic approach, incorporating activities like smoking and working out. Additionally, Adaisha stresses the significance of being present at the moment when trading, which involves limiting access to trading apps on her phone and maintaining a disciplined routine.

Also, looking ahead, Adaisha envisions a future where she day trades on behalf of others. Currently pursuing a marketing degree, she balances her focus on education with her commitment to trading. 

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TFT Trader Adaisha Interview