True Forex Funds Addresses MT5 Issues & Transition to cTrader

True Forex Funds has issued a statement addressing ongoing challenges and issues with the MetaTrader5 (MT5) infrastructure. The firm also acknowledges the inconvenience faced by its users and assures them that a dedicated team is diligently working on solutions.

In the official statement, True Forex Funds shared that all MT4 orders have been successfully issued, and synchronization is running smoothly. However, MT5 accounts and orders from the weekend were not processed. So, the firm promised to send out all remaining MT5 orders to MT4 shortly after they issued the statement.

True Forex Funds Addresses MT5 Issues & Transition to cTrader

Traders who find MT4 unsuitable for their requirements are given the option to request a refund, provided they have not placed any orders on the trading account.

The firm discloses plans to migrate approximately 10,000 MT5 accounts to MT4. This emphasizes ongoing efforts to develop a workaround for the migration process. True Forex Funds aims to ensure that all trading history is seamlessly transferred to MT4.

While expressing regret for the inconvenience caused, the statement shared that True Forex Funds is already working on implementing a new synchronization software. However, until the new system is in place, MT5 functionality will be temporarily disabled.

Also, in a positive turn of events, True Forex Funds announces the upcoming launch of cTrader at the end of January. The firm initially intended to share the new trading platform without any negative circumstances. However, unforeseen issues with MT5 prompted the early disclosure.

True Forex Funds assures its community that the team is committed to resolving the current challenges and enhancing the overall trading experience. 

About the Firm

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True Forex Funds MT5 Issues