Glow Node Payment Provider Issue – Alternative Solutions?

Glow Node has encountered an issue with its current payment provider, Rise. Despite these setbacks, Glow Node is actively looking for alternative payment solutions to enhance its payout efficiency.

In a recent communication, the firm shared, “We have had issues with Rise time after time since we started with them. We have partnered with alternative payment providers also, but we are not yet able to add them to our dashboard for automated payouts.”

Glow Node Payment Provider Issue – Alternation Payment Solutions?

Undeterred by the obstacles, Glow Node is in the midst of an extensive evaluation of payment providers, aiming to identify the most reliable and swift option. The firm remains resolute in its commitment to achieving same-day payouts, setting a target for implementation by the end of the current month.

Despite their unwavering resolve, Glow Node acknowledged a temporary setback in accessing the Rise platform, affecting the processing of a few pending payouts. The firm reassured its community, saying, “For the very few payouts that are waiting, please bear with us. We cannot currently log in to Rise, but we are hoping we gain access today and we can make those payments.”

Undeterred by the obstacles, Glow Node has initiated rigorous testing of various payment providers to identify the most efficient option. The firm is going to revolutionize the industry’s payment landscape and is confident in achieving same-day payouts by the end of the current month.

As Glow Node forges ahead in its mission to provide the fastest payouts in the industry, market participants are keenly watching the developments, anticipating a significant shift in the landscape of prop trading payment systems.

About the Firm

Glow Node is a proprietary trading firm with the legal name Glow Node LTD that was incorporated on the 9th of April, 2022. They are located in London, UK. The co-founders are Sam Bradbury and Ryan Beasley. Glow Node provides traders with the opportunity to choose between two account types, a two-step evaluation and a one-step evaluation, while being partnered with Eightcap as their broker.

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Glow Node Payment Provider Issue