TFT Trader Quinton Interview – $28,000 Profit from Trading!

In an exclusive interview with The Funded Trader (TFT), Quinton, a standout trader hailing from the vibrant city of Las Vegas, shared his remarkable journey in the trading world. Quinton’s impressive achievement of securing a payout exceeding 20k has positioned him as a rising star within the TFT community.

Quinton’s venture into trading commenced amidst the challenges of the 2020 pandemic. Formerly a truck driver, he stumbled upon the world of Forex when a demo trade unexpectedly soared to 10,000. The spark ignited, and Quinton embraced trading full-time, drawn to the freedom and independence it offered compared to traditional employment.

TFT Trader Quinton Interview – From Driving Trucks to Driving Profits

Quinton embarked on his educational journey through YouTube videos, eventually enrolling in courses by Swaggy C and Do Exchange. However, he quickly realized that success in trading goes beyond mere financial investments. Quinton emphasized the significance of skill development, sharing insights gained from committing nearly $100,000 to his trading journey.

A turning point in Quinton’s journey was his deep dive into backtesting. Devoting seven to eight months to refining his skills, he highlighted the transformative power of continuous learning and the valuable insights gained through meticulous backtesting. This period of introspection laid the foundation for Quinton’s evolved trading strategy.

Quinton’s approach revolves around understanding the market structure and utilizing key confluences for strategic trade execution. He emphasizes recognizing key levels, not necessarily peak highs or lows, but areas where price action signifies significant market behavior. Quinton’s trading philosophy underscores the essence of consistency and discipline, advocating for a focus on skill development over financial commitments. 

About the Firm

The Funded Trader is a proprietary trading firm with the legal name The Funded Trader LLC that was incorporated on the 12th of May, 2021. They are located in Liberty Hill, Texas, and are being managed by CEO Angelo Ciaramello. The Funded Trader provides traders with the opportunity to choose between five account types, three two-step evaluations, a one-step evaluation, and a three-step evaluation while being partnered with Eightcap, ThinkMarkets, and Purple Trading Seychelles as their brokers.

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