The Funded Trader Trading Platforms Update – Important Ones!

The Funded Trader (TFT) would like to share an important update regarding the trading platforms they offer. Effective immediately, Eightcap MT4 and MT5 will no longer be available as platform options at TFT.

The firm’s unwavering priority is to ensure a stable and reliable trading experience for its community. While Eightcap has been a pivotal partner in the firm’s growth and instrumental in providing its platform for evaluation firms, the firm has decided to phase out its collaboration with them to focus on what best serves our community’s needs.

The Funded Trader extends its deepest gratitude to Eightcap for their exceptional support and service over the past two years. As TFT evolves, it recognizes the role they have played in its history, and it looks forward to a future that aligns more closely with its community’s priorities.

The Funded Trader (TFT) Trading Platforms Update

The firm also shared that the experience with ThinkMarkets and Purple Trading has unveiled a new tier of support for its trading servers, which translates into a more reliable and enjoyable experience for traders. The prop firm is confident that these partnerships will better cater to the needs of their community.

Also, if traders have an active Eightcap account, rest assured that they can continue trading through the funded phase. Should you opt to change account types, such as from regular to swing, you will be transitioned to an alternative platform during this process.

The Funded Trader shared that traders can now undertake challenges on:

  • ThinkMarkets MT4 and MT5
  • Purple Trading SC MT4 and MT5

Moreover, the firm is excited to announce that it will be transitioning to MT5 exclusively for all platform options by the end of February. MT5’s popularity and advanced features make it a community favorite, and it integrates more seamlessly with its backend technology.

Soon, the firm will also introduce Blueberry Markets MT5 as a new platform option, further expanding trading possibilities.

Lastly, the firm shared that they are currently training and onboarding DXTrades as an alternative platform, which is being prioritized over CTrader. However, CTrader remains on its roadmap for future offerings.

About the Firm

The Funded Trader is searching for passionate and experienced traders who will succeed with their funds’ help by showing skills in unpredictable market conditions. Traders have the opportunity to earn substantial profits, with the flexibility to manage account sizes up to $400,000 and receive up to 90% profit splits.

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The Funded Trader Trading Platforms Update