TFT Trader Abdul Interview – Path to $20K+ in Payouts!

In a recent exclusive interview with The Funded Trader (TFT), Abdul, a seasoned trader, shared his remarkable journey and insights into the world of trading. Having earned over 20k with TFT, Abdul’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring traders.

Abdul, who started his trading venture in 2015, initially faced challenges, including significant losses and encounters with fraudulent schemes. Undeterred, he persevered in his pursuit of financial success and gained valuable experience over the years.

“I started back in 2015. I’m a doctor by profession, and when I looked at the head of someone about the expert advisor, right, then I started looking for a for but, you know, that the for always a great lifestyle and something like that,” shared Abdul.

TFT Trader Abdul Interview – Path to $20K+ in Payouts!

His journey took an unexpected turn when he ventured into the Crypto Market, using it as a payment method. Abdul emphasized the importance of learning and cautioned against unrealistic expectations propagated on social media.

Abdul’s trading strategy involves a combination of ICT and volume analysis concepts. He focuses on optimal trade entries and utilizes the daily bias as a powerful tool. Sharing his challenges, Abdul mentioned the struggle with setting stop losses and the temptation to deviate from predetermined targets.

“When I’m doing challenges, I will take 1.5% per trade. 2% is vaccine risk per. I think 2% is not big data, but the one thing I want to talk about is the funds,” Abdul said, addressing the challenges faced by traders when dealing with funding firms.

Expressing his gratitude towards TFT, Abdul commended the firm for its reliability in Pakistan and highlighted the importance of selecting trustworthy funding partners. He urged fellow traders to set realistic goals and focus on continuous learning to thrive in the dynamic prop landscape.

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TFT Trader Abdul Interview