Best 10 prop trading firms of January 2024 – Take a Look!

Hello everyone! We are going to be looking into the world of prop trading firms, specifically the top 10 firms, for January to kick off 2024. We are ranking these based on our personal experiences with the companies.

Now, we are going to give you a very brief overview of each company and discuss their offerings a little bit. 

Best 10 prop trading firms of January 2024!

But without further ado, let’s dive into the ranking of the best 10 prop trading firms for January.


Alright, initiating our countdown is The5ers, an active participant in the funding realm since April 2020. The5ers has solidified its presence as a prominent entity in the trading community. What distinguishes The5ers is their diverse range of funding programs. They’ve got a two-step evaluation, a three-step evaluation, and direct funding options, each accompanied by a scaling plan. 


Coming in next is SurgeTrader, entering the industry in September 2021, based out of Florida, USA, and led by CEO Jana Seaman. Surge Trader offers three distinct funding programs for traders: the one-step audition, the two-step audition, and the lightning audition, which is also a one-step program. They also include a scaling plan for traders to enhance their capital and manage larger amounts within the company’s structure.


Another prop firm we frequently reference is MyFundedFX, which has been operating since June 2022. They are one of the few prop firms located in Texas, USA. MyFundedFX provides a trio of distinctive funding programs, including a single-phase evaluation and two two-step evaluation programs, each accompanied by an additional scaling option.

The Funded Trader

Next up is The Funded Trader, another prop trading firm based in Texas, Liberty Hill, established in May 2021 and led by CEO Angelo. What sets The Funded Trader apart is its diverse range of funding options, with five unique programs, including three two-step evaluations (Standard, Rapid, and Royal), a single one-step evaluation (Knight Challenge), and a newly released single three-step evaluation (Dragon Challenge). A notable feature is that irrespective of the chosen program, once traders qualify and achieve funded status, they gain entry into The Funded Trader’s scaling plan, providing avenues for capital growth and enhanced trading potential. 

True Forex Funds

True Forex Funds, operating since 2021 under the guidance of Richard, is based out of Hungary and stands out as one of the more established players in the prop trading landscape. They offer a one-step evaluation and a two-step evaluation program, with three different two-step account types: Standard, Quick Funding, and Limitless Funding. Upon qualification, traders gain access to the scaling plan provided by True Forex Funds.


Fidelcrest, established in September 2018 in Cyprus, is one of the more established companies in the industry. They offer a two-step evaluation program with a choice between two account types: Normal and Aggressive. While they don’t have a scaling plan, the account sizes extend up to a substantial $1 million, providing traders with significant capital from the beginning.

Funding Pips

Funding Pips, an influential prop trading firm, entered the industry in August 2022, based out of Dubai, UAE. They offer a comprehensive two-step evaluation program with straightforward rules and a unique scaling plan. 


The penultimate position is FundedNext, which was established in March 2022 as a global player operating out of the UAE and Bangladesh. They offer four distinctive funding programs, including two one-step evaluations and two two-step evaluations, all featuring an integrated scaling plan upon successful funding.


In September 2015, headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, FTMO, a prominent proprietary trading firm, emerged. As of January 2024, it holds a penultimate position, demonstrating its dominance in the industry. The firm offers a compelling opportunity with a very straightforward two-step evaluation program, clear trading rules, and an uncomplicated process. FTMO has a unique scaling plan that has been discussed in-depth before.

E8 Funding

Securing the top position is E8 Funding, founded in November 2021 and managed by Dylan. Based in Dallas, Texas, E8 Funding offers two funding programs: the E8 Evaluation (a two-step evaluation) and the E8 Track Program (a three-step path for traders seeking a different approach to their evaluation journey). They come with a scaling plan for traders to access more capital as they grow.

In conclusion, this ranking of the top 10 proprietary trading firms for January 2024 is based on firsthand experiences. For more in-depth reviews, watch the full video:

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