TFT Trader Shiva Interview – $1M Funded with Evaluation Firms?

In an exclusive interview with TFT, seasoned trader Shiva shares insights into his extraordinary trading journey and success. Hailing from Sunny Peterborough, England, Shiva, an accomplished microelectronics engineer with an MBA, delves into how he navigated the turbulent waters of trading, achieving funding of over $1 million and payouts exceeding $70,000.

Shiva candidly reflects on his initial struggles, recounting about facing losses in around 20 challenges. Undeterred, he pinpointed the missing elements in his approach, emphasizing the critical role of economic calendars, algorithmic trading, and robust risk management. Shiva’s persistence paid off as he cracked the code, leading to consistent success since June of the previous year.

TFT Trader Shiva Interview – $1M Funded with Evaluation Firms?

While discussing his trading strategy, Shiva unveils his hybrid methodology, utilizing both manual and AI-driven trading. He emphasizes the importance of discretion in trading, highlighting that a purely automated approach may not capture the nuances of the market. Shiva’s success stems from a blend of algorithmic precision and his seasoned instincts.

Shiva shares valuable insights into the chaotic nature of trading, underscoring the importance of survival. Drawing from mathematical modeling and the wisdom of trading legends, he emphasizes the significance of preserving psychological capital by using funded capital rather than risking personal funds.

The trader simplifies his strategy, focusing on support and resistance along with moving averages. Shiva asserts that irrespective of various methodologies, at its core, trading is anchored in these fundamental principles. He advises fellow traders to embrace simplicity, highlighting that the real “Holy Grail” lies in effective risk management.

Shiva proudly discloses that he manages over a million in total capital, including his funded account and additional funds. His risk management tactics evolve with a focus on the timeframe and tweaking algorithms, ensuring a balanced and profitable approach.

Shiva commends TFT, expressing gratitude for the exceptional support and camaraderie within the TFTcommunity. He acknowledges the pivotal role played by the TFT team, particularly Angelo, in creating an environment where like-minded traders collaborate and thrive.

About the Firm

Here are some interesting facts about the firm:

  • No Maximum Trading Day Requirements
  • Scaling Plan
  • First Payout After 7 Days with Knight & Dragon Challenge
  • Weekly & Bi-weekly Payouts
  • Profit Share of 75% up to 95% (Depending on the Challenge)
  • Overnight Holding Allowed
  • Weekend Holding & News Trading Allowed on Swing Accounts

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