Finotive 2.0: A New Leap in Trading Dashboards

Finotive Funding has rolled out Finotive 2.0, setting a new standard for trading dashboards. This cutting-edge upgrade promises traders an unparalleled and dynamic interface, redefining the way they engage.

Finotive 2.0 introduces an entirely new dashboard experience engineered to empower traders with a host of innovative features. The revamped interface boasts intuitive navigation, real-time analytics, and a suite of tools designed to cater to the unique needs of each trader. With Finotive 2.0, users can expect a seamless and efficient trading experience.

To mark the momentous occasion, Finotive Funding is extending a special 25% discount on all accounts. Traders can seize this limited-time opportunity by using the coupon code FIN2.0 during the registration process. This discount is a token of appreciation for the ongoing support from their community.

Finotive Funding has rolled out Finotive 2.0, setting a new standard for trading dashboards, promising traders a dynamic interface.

Finotive 2.0: A Significant Leap in Trading Dashboards

For those eager to dive into Finotive 2.0, new accounts gain access starting today at 12:00 pm. Existing account holders won’t be left waiting, as they can enjoy the revamped dashboard starting Wednesday, March 6th. This phased rollout ensures a smooth transition for all users, guaranteeing uninterrupted trading experiences.

With the introduction of Finotive 2.0, Finotive Funding cements its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in prop trading. The advanced features and bespoke design of the new dashboard signify the firm’s dedication to providing a state-of-the-art platform for traders to thrive.

Traders have to embrace the future of trading with Finotive 2.0. The platform’s unveiling marks a pivotal moment in the industry, and Finotive Funding encourages both new and existing users to explore the enhanced capabilities and possibilities that come with the latest dashboard.

Welcome to a new era of trading with Finotive Funding – where the future of trading is at your fingertips!

About the Firm

Finotive Funding encourages traders to thrive in their careers. The primary expectation from clients is that they are disciplined individuals proficient in effective risk management. Traders have the opportunity to earn substantial profits, with the flexibility to manage account sizes up to $200,000 and receive up to 95% profit splits.

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