Direct Funded Trader Evaluation Program Rules!

For traders who want to start with Direct Funded Trader, here are the essential rules and objectives of its Evaluation Program. So, this program is designed to identify and support talented traders, emphasizing disciplined trading and effective risk management.

Direct Funded Trader Evaluation Program Rules: Ensuring Discipline!

Key Elements of the Evaluation Program

Profit Targets

  • Phase 1: Traders must achieve an 8% profit target.
  • Phase 2: A 5% profit target is required.
  • Funded Accounts: Once traders reach the funded account stage, there are no specified profit targets, providing more flexibility in trading strategies.

Risk Management:

  • Maximum Daily Loss: A maximum daily loss of 5% is enforced across all account sizes. Exceeding this limit will result in breaching the account.
  • Maximum Loss: An overall loss cap of 10% is set to ensure prudent risk management.

Trading Discipline:

  • Minimum Trading Days: Traders must engage in trading for at least five days in each evaluation phase, promoting steady and consistent trading habits.
  • No Martingale Strategy: The use of martingale strategies, which involve increasing the size of losing trades, is strictly prohibited. This rule is in place to prevent reckless trading behaviors that could lead to significant losses.

Direct Funded Trader’s Evaluation Program is structured to cultivate a disciplined trading environment while allowing traders to demonstrate their skills. By achieving the profit targets and adhering to risk management rules, traders can progress through the evaluation phases and ultimately manage a funded account.

These guidelines are in place to ensure that traders practice sound risk management and maintain a disciplined approach to trading.

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For traders who want to start with Direct Funded Trader, here are the essential rules and objectives of its Evaluation Program.