TopTier Trader Alissa Interview: A Remarkable Journey!

In an exclusive interview with TopTier Trader, Alissa Martorello, a trader and nurturing mother, provided a glimpse into her remarkable journey navigating the forex markets while balancing the responsibilities of motherhood.

Martorello delved into her initiation into trading eight years ago, where she encountered initial hurdles due to the Pattern Day Trader (PDT) rule, restricting her trading activity. Undeterred, she persisted, delving into diverse trading avenues, including crypto, which ultimately propelled her towards profitability.

TopTier Trader Alissa Interview: A Remarkable Journey!

When queried about her preferred trading sessions, Alissa disclosed a predilection for the New York session, citing its conducive trading conditions and ample volume, especially for futures and NASDAQ. She underscored the significance of honing one’s trading edge, particularly for women breaking into the predominantly male-dominated trading sphere.

Reflecting on her role as a mother, Alissa shared her unwavering commitment to offering her children superior opportunities than she had. Expressing her intent to instill financial literacy early on, she plans to introduce her daughters to trading, envisioning it as a means to cultivate independence and fiscal acumen.

TopTier Trader commended Alissa resilience and triumphs in both trading and motherhood, heralding her as an exemplar for aspiring traders, especially mothers endeavoring to venture into the financial markets.

Alissa narrative serves as a beacon of inspiration, embodying the ethos of perseverance and empowerment. 

Here is the Full Interview:

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