FundedNext Trader Parham Interview: $10,000 Profit?

In a recent interview, Parham Rastizadeh shared his inspiring journey as a trader with FundedNext. Originally from Iran, Parham moved to Toronto, Canada, where he has been making significant strides in the trading world.

Parham shares his journey from discovering trading at 18 during the crypto boom to becoming a proficient trader focused on Gold and Bitcoin. With a background in Anthropology, Parham combines his intuitive approach with ICT strategies, balancing both day trading and swing trading.

Parham, who studied anthropology in university, first ventured into trading at the age of 18 when cryptocurrency was gaining popularity. Despite initial losses, his persistence and dedication have paid off. Now, at 25, Parham has become a funded trader with FundedNext, focusing primarily on gold and Bitcoin.

FundedNext Trader Parham Interview: $10,000 Profit With Gold & Bitcoin!

In the interview, Parham emphasized the importance of emotional control in trading. “Even an amateur trader can make a profit if they handle their emotions,” he stated. “It’s about mindset. If you can’t control yourself, it’s bad. You need to control your emotions.”

Parham’s trading style is a mix of day trading and swing trading. He relies heavily on intuitive decisions based on market trends and social media discussions. He uses both TradingView and MetaTrader for his trading activities, preferring instant positions over limit orders.

Regarding his strategy, Parham risks about 1% of his account per trade and aims for significant profits, often five or six times his risk, due to his lower win rate. His approach to managing risk includes simple yet effective measures such as turning off his phone to prevent impulsive decisions.

Parham also praised FundedNext for its excellent support and the opportunities it provides to traders. “I want to thank FundedNext for their excellent support. It’s very important. I’m very happy with the experience,” he said.

Here is the Full Interview:

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