FundedNext Trader Ibukun Interview: Risking 3% Per Day?

In a recent FundedNext interview, Ibukun Omojola, a promising young trader from Lagos, Nigeria, shared his trading journey and insights. Ibukun, a Computer Engineering student, has been making strides in the trading world with his focused approach and dedication. 

So, Ibukun primarily trades gold, a favorite among many for its volatility. He describes his trading strategy as “Zone Frequency and Recency,” which focuses on support and demand levels. “I start on the four-hour timeframe, marking the recent high and low,” Ibukun explained. “If the price doesn’t break out of this zone, I will wait for confirmation on the one-hour chart and look for a buying opportunity.”

This methodical approach, combined with his disciplined risk management, sets Ibukun apart. He aims for a risk-reward ratio of at least 1:3, ensuring that his trades have the potential for significant returns. “If it’s not 1:3, I don’t take the trade,” he emphasized.

FundedNext Trader Ibukun Interview: Risking 3% Per Day?

Ibukun trades across different market sessions, including London, New York, Asia, and Sydney, depending on where his setups appear. This flexibility allows him to maximize trading opportunities around the clock.

Like many traders, Ibukun has faced challenges, particularly with psychological aspects and over-leveraging. Reflecting on a period of losses, he shared, “I had five losing trades in a row, which affected me psychologically. I was trying to recover and ended up over-leveraging, leading to an account breach.”

From this experience, Ibukun learned the importance of maintaining control and not letting emotions dictate trading decisions. “If I lose a trade, I close my charts and do something else,” he advised.

Ibukun is satisfied with his experience at FundedNext, praising the platform’s customer support and payout speed. “The spreads are okay, even during news events, and I’ve had no issues with payouts,” he noted. “The customer support is excellent, with quick responses to queries.”

For those struggling to get funded, Ibukun’s advice is simple but powerful: “Keep going and make sure you’re doing the right thing. There’s no secret to passing any evaluation. Follow your trading plan, and you’ll get funded.”

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