Axe Trader DD Lock Rule: An Important Update

Axe Trader recently had an important update regarding its funded accounts regarding their DD Lock rule. The firm removed the drawdown (DD) lock from all funded accounts that successfully passed the evaluation phase. This change reflects Axe Trader’s commitment to providing more flexibility and opportunities for traders who demonstrate their skills through a rigorous evaluation process. Moreover, the removal of the drawdown lock is going to offer traders with funded accounts a greater degree of freedom. Previously, the drawdown lock imposed restrictions to limit potential losses, but with this new policy, traders who have proven their capabilities by passing the evaluation phase will no longer be subject to these constraints. So, this means they can now implement their trading strategies without the limitations that the drawdown lock imposed, potentially increasing their profitability and growth prospects.

Axe Trader DD Lock Rule: Important Update

However, Axe Trader has clarified that this policy change applies exclusively to traders who have achieved funding by passing the evaluation. Traders who received directly funded accounts will not benefit from this change and will continue to operate under the previous drawdown restrictions. Also, by lifting the drawdown lock, Axe Trader aims to foster a more dynamic and growth-oriented trading environment, supporting its top-performing traders and encouraging them to reach their full potential. Axe Trader’s decision shows its commitment to supporting skilled traders and enhancing their trading experience. This policy change is a testament to the firm’s dedication to creating a favorable environment for traders who have proven their expertise through the evaluation process, ultimately contributing to their success and the firm’s overall growth.

About the Firm

Here are some important facts about the firm:
  • No Maximum Trading Day Requirements
  • No Minimum Trading Day Requirements
  • Scaling Plan (Up to $5,000,000)
  • First Payout After 8 Days
  • Future Payouts on a Weekly Basis
  • Profit Share of 70% up to 100%
  • Overnight & Weekend Holding Allowed
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