TopTier Trader Hayden Interview: His Biggest $24.9K Payout?

TopTier Trader is here with another interview with one of their most successful traders, Hayden. This insightful virtual interview offers a deep dive into Hayden’s journey in trading and balancing life as a father. Hayden, a top-tier funded trader, and a devoted father shared his excitement about the interview and reflected on his journey.

“I’m blessed to finally be here after the crazy journey I’ve had,” said Hayden, holding his 11-week-old son. Hayden is funded with $300k and is on track to secure an additional $200k, totaling $500k in funding. Recently, he achieved his largest payout of $24,900.

TopTier Trader Hayden Interview: His Biggest $24.9K Payout?

Hayden started trading three and a half years ago after being inspired by social media. Initially, he made quick profits but faced setbacks with a European broker, which led him to research US companies and focus on back-testing and learning from mentors.

“I was self-taught for the first year, watching YouTube videos and reading My wife trades too, so we learned together,” Hayden shared. He emphasized the importance of journaling trades and maintaining emotional control, which significantly contributed to his success.

Hayden trades primarily in the New York session, focusing on NASDAQ and occasionally gold. He follows the ICT strategy, which has proven to be highly effective for him. His advice to new traders is to go slow, paper trade, pay for mentorship, and build confidence before moving to funded accounts.

As a father, Hayden values the time and freedom that trading provides. “Trading allows me to be present for my family, take my daughter to school, and spend time with my kids. It was a big mindset shift once the kids came, realizing the importance of being present,” he said.

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