Goat Funded Trader Swing Plus Challenge: A New Challenge?

Goat Funded Trader is happy to share its latest offering: the Swing Plus Challenge. This new two-step model is designed to provide traders with greater flexibility and fewer restrictions. It allows them to fully leverage their unique trading styles.

Goat Funded Trader is thrilled to share its latest offering, the Swing Plus Challenge, to provide traders with greater flexibility.

Key features of the Goat Funded Trader Swing Plus Challenge

Here are the Key Features:

  • 12% Maximum Drawdown. Traders can take advantage of a low drawdown limit, enabling them to navigate market fluctuations with confidence.
  • Swap-Free Accounts. All accounts are swap-free by default, removing the burden of overnight fees and allowing traders to hold positions long-term without additional costs.
  • Low Restrictions on News Trading. With minimal limitations on trading during news events, traders can capitalize on market volatility and news-driven opportunities.
  • First Payout on Demand. Participants in the Swing Plus Challenge can request their first payout at any time, offering flexibility in managing their profits.
  • 1:50 Leverage. The challenge provides 1:50 leverage, empowering traders to maximize their potential returns.

The Swing Plus model stands out in the proprietary trading industry by eliminating swap fees and consistency rules alongside offering a 12% maximum drawdown. This innovative challenge allows traders to operate without the usual constraints, fostering an environment where they can thrive using their authentic trading strategies.

By providing features such as swap-free accounts, low news trading restrictions, and a generous drawdown limit, Goat Funded Trader continues to empower traders to succeed with their unique trading styles. This innovative model reflects the firm’s commitment to fostering a supportive and dynamic trading environment.

To participate in the Swing Plus Challenge, traders should select the “swap-free” option on the Goat Funded Trader website.

About the Firm

Goat Funded Trader is a proprietary trading firm that is committed to offering traders an exceptional trading experience. They offer traders worldwide 24/7 customer service, refundable fees, low profits targets, the best trading tools, competitive commissions, tight spreads and different two-step funding programs.

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