FTMO weekly recap news

FTMO is here with yet another weekly recap going through what is new at their prop firm!

Traders at FTMO can now request an extension on their challenges. When a trader misses a small percentage on completing the challenge, they can now request a 14 extra calendar days extension before taking a free repeat. The presented feature will help many traders who were on the right track but missed some crucial days to complete the challenge.

FTMO weekend reading:

In this week’s FTMO reading, you will learn about the reward to risk ratio. The ratio has been proven to be one of the significant factors of profitable traders but is often overlooked by beginners. You can read more about it in their article by clicking here.

And lastly, FTMO has released its first interview of 2020 with one of their consistently profitable traders. Richard, who has been with FTMO for over six months, is now managing a $500,000 account. You can see the interview in the video below.

You can learn more about FTMO by looking at our review about their proprietary trading firm by clicking here.