E8 Funding major updates!

E8 Funding has announced its list of major updates which will bring changes that are going to benefit all of their traders. They have decided to make the changes that we are going to go through below based on the collective request from their community to provide everyone with a better trading experience. Now without further ado let’s just into the list!

1. Reducing spreads

E8 Funding has scheduled a release of their enhanced spreads. The difference will be seen by a 60-80% reduction in spreads on all trading pairs!

2. Account extensions

Another excellent addition E8 Funding has added is account extensions for anyone that has missed their evaluation profit target! You will be eligible for a free 14-day extension if your account matches the following details:

  • Account closed balance is above 4% profit
  • Time expiration is four days or less
Account extension feature

3. E8X V3.0 dashboard update

The last update will be regarding the E8X dashboard! They have updated and redesigned their dashboard while also adding some exciting new features. One of the features is a new and never seen leaderboard with metrics to track some of their highest performing traders.

Account overview feature
E8X V3.0 dashboard
Withdrawal request feature
Performance leaderboard feature

What do you think about the new updates that E8 Funding has presented? Are you more likely to join their proprietary trading firm, or are you already a part of it and are just going to enjoy the positive features that they have added?

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You can visit the E8 Funding website, or read our review.