Fidelcrest new website & updated rules

Fidelcrest has a new website, and they also released new major updates of their trading rules that take place from the 15th of August, 2022.

Based on Fidelcrest’s data analysis from the past 6 months, they decided to make the following changes:

  • You are now allowed to choose between having the 2nd Free option (second chance if you fail) or having unlimited free retries if you end the trading period in a profit. However, if you choose another bonus option, Double your capital or Fast-track, you automatically get free unlimited retries if you end the trading period with a profit during your challenge.
  • The 10-second rule for all funded accounts is now canceled. You are now allowed to hold your trades as you see fit without any additional limitations. The change was made due to the fact that they have updated their STP, which allows them to copy trades in as little as 0.01 milliseconds.
  • Prohibited instruments are now canceled. You are able to trade any instrument that is available to you, no matter the phase you are currently trading in.

In addition to the new and updated rules above, Fidelcrest has also updated its website design to a more modern version with an intention to improve the user experience.

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You can visit the Fidelcrest website or read our review.