Finotive Funding risk calculator feature

Finotive Funding has announced that their new risk calculator is available to download with instructions through your dashboard. You can access it through the ”Extras” tab. The tool can simply be used to ensure that every trade is placed correctly, allowing you to decrease the chances of breaches happening.

Additionally, Finotive Funding is already working on the development of new trade management features that will be useful for any individual. Some of the features are breakeven stops, trailing stops, and a maximum exposure cap to prohibit traders from opening more than 3 or 6 positions, depending on which account type you are trading on. This will be a great addition to reduce the risk of breaching a rule and losing your account.

Let us know what you think about the new risk calculator and the new features that are still in development in the comments below!

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You can visit the Finotive Funding website or read our review.