The Funded Traders presents Challenges for its skilled traders

The Funded Trader is an online demo trading evaluation firm. It is developing a fund based on retail traders. This fund will provide opportunities to interested parties and aid traders in managing large accounts. According to them, every retail trader should be given the chance to raise money based on their performance and commitment to starting their own business.

For just the upfront fee paid, they offer clients the chance to finish their assessment and demonstrate their trading prowess in a setting that poses no risks to them.

To give traders the opportunity to grow, they have provided traders with the chance to demonstrate their trading prowess. So, they can earn up to 90% profit splits.

Phases of Evaluation:

  • Standard Challenge Phase 1: This is the first stage of the evaluation process. Traders must follow their trading plan and properly control their risk to succeed in this phase.
  • Standard Challenge Phase 2: This is the verification stage where you will continue to follow your trading plan and prove your skills in a more relaxed manner, with a profit target. The results will be verified once the traders pass Phase 2, at which point they will advance to the next step and become a Funded Trader.

As long as they abide by the Funded Trader Terms of Use and the Customer Agreement, eligible traders who pass the evaluation are permitted to receive a profit split on the profits made in their funded accounts.

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The traders can choose their paths, challenges, and plans according to their liking. This is a limited-time offer for skilled traders to prove themselves and take the opportunity to win 15% off.

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