Be a Winner with the SurgeTrader Trading Competition

Any trader looking to advance their trading career should consider SurgeTrader. SurgeTrader is a company for traders if they are skilled but short on funds.

Take a one-step audition; if traders meet the 10% profit goal, they will get a funded account with a maximum of $1 million. 90% of the profits belong to the Traders.

Active traders have a great chance to improve their abilities with $100,000 in funding. With a funded prop trading account, SurgeTrader helps traders to increase their earning potential.

  • Simple guidelines
  • No deadlines
  • One-time investment

They assume that successful traders have an addiction to numbers. Through their platform’s user-friendly trader portal, traders can keep track of all their trading activity. Everything Traders require is on a concise dashboard.

A skilled trader only needs money and an opportunity to succeed. SurgeTrader accelerates trader funding. Assisting successful traders in maximizing their gains.

SurgeTrader Trading Competition:

They recently announced a trading competition for skillful traders. Here are some details regarding the Trading Battle that SurgeTrader announced:

  • To win one of the three prizes, traders will be competing against one another.

To take part, you should already have registered. The registration time ended on November 6 at 11:59 p.m. EST. The competition begins today i.e on November 7 and continues through November 30. Based on the highest profit margin, winners will be chosen.

Below is a list of awards:

  1. $100K Audition account for first place.
  2. $50K Audition account for second place.
  3. $25K Audition account for third place.

The contest is subject to all SurgeTrader trading regulations:

  • Max Daily Drawdown of 4%
  • Max Daily Drawdown of 5%.
  • Do not hold positions over the weekend.

It is highly suggested that Traders join their discord if they are taking part in the SurgeTrader trading competition! They will monitor the Trade Battle’s development on their leaderboard. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to network with other traders who are participating in the competition.