SurgeTrader sponsors for the STARability Run Walk & Roll-2022

With real money accounts starting at $25,000 and going up to $1 million, SurgeTrader is a company that offers financial assistance to traders all over the world. The firm’s commitment to philanthropy—supporting charitable organizations in the communities they serve—forms a crucial part of its mission.

SurgeTrader believes there’s nothing more satisfying than helping others and making a difference in their community. The organization, which was started by a small group of parents, is now opening up a world of opportunities for hundreds of people aged 14 and older by providing a range of inclusive programs with a focus on job training, continuing education, teamwork, social engagement, and community involvement.

For the STARability 5th Annual 3K/5K Run, Walk & Roll 2022 on October 22 in Naples, Florida, SurgeTrader volunteered to be the presenting sponsor.

The community engagement initiatives of STARability highlight the participants’ abilities rather than their disabilities, which is a message that resonates with everyone at SurgeTrader.

The Signature Event

One of STARability’s signature events is the 3K/5K Run, Walk & Roll. This event is open to people of all ages and abilities and is also family-and pet-friendly. In addition to the customary, informal 3K-walk, run, and roll experience, the event now offers a timed 5K race. The event’s proceeds ensure that STARability can continue and grow its ground-breaking programs.

“We’re proud to support STARability in this incredible event, furthering their noble mission,” said Garrett Hollander, CMO of SurgeTrader.

STARability Chief Executive Officer, Karen Govern comments on the occasion and the collaboration with SurgeTrader as follows:

“We are incredibly appreciative that SurgeTrader is supporting our 5th Annual 3K/5K. Their leadership backing will make it possible for STARability to maintain and grow our cutting-edge programs and services. These services highlight ability rather than disability. We are incredibly thrilled to be working with SurgeTrader at this year’s event, where we anticipate a record-breaking turnout.”

The SurgeTrader team’s fundraising target is$10,000, while the overall fundraising target for the event is $75,000.