THREE Big Exciting News from City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium, also known as CTI, is dedicated to offering the best professional trading conditions on the market. They aim to lead the industry by teaching how to trade the financial markets and providing them with capital.
CTI has established itself as the most welcoming prop company. Their customer service response is amazing. The non-funded shows that CTI has its best interests in mind. CTI is a reliable prop company that makes its reviews available for public viewing.
City Traders Imperium’s goal is to assist all their supported traders, regardless of their origins or backgrounds. They expedite traders’ development and give them the know-how and abilities to develop consistency. They can assist you in passing any funded trader program if you use the right methodology.
A prop company that has no interest in funding subscription models and is more focused on mentoring and educating traders about the best ways to approach the financial market. During the evaluation phases, CTI has helped make patience a key concept. The scaling plan is excellent, and the profit sharing is second to none.
With its Funded Trader Programs and Educational Platform, City Traders Imperium aims to serve as a one-stop shop for all traders worldwide.

City Traders Imperium Updates

There have been three updates from City Trader Imperium. They are as follows:

No Limitations

They’ve made it simpler to engage in unrestricted trading. The trading of news on any of the CTI funding programs is now completely unrestricted. When it comes to trading during any low, medium, or high-impact news, they are giving their Traders complete freedom.

Reduced commissions by 50%

On all their funding accounts, they have lowered their commission fees. CTI has reduced commission by 50% to $4.5 per round lot.

Weekly Withdrawals

All funded accounts can now receive weekly payouts!