City Traders Imperium has some great news for Portfolio Managers

City Traders Imperium wants to help all the traders. They support and realize their dream of freedom. They speed up traders’ development and equip them with the skills needed to build consistency. If traders employ the proper strategy, it can help them pass any funded trader program.

Through its funded trader programs and educational platforms, City Traders Imperium aims to serve as a one-stop shop for all traders worldwide. 

City Traders Imperium is committed to providing the best professional trading conditions in the market.

Three CTI-funded trader programs

  • Standard Funded Trader Program
  • Classic Funded Trader Program
  • Day Trading Funded Trader Program

Standard Funded Trader Program

For serious traders who are looking to get funded and make a difference in their trading careers. Join thousands of prop traders in the most rule-free funding environment and start making a change in your trading career. This platform offers the fastest growth plan in the market. They double traders’ account balance for every 10% target.

Classic Funded Trader Program

Their prop firm’s goal is to assist traders seeking funding by granting them more time limits and a more laid-back trading approach. The CTI Classic Funded Trader Program (Classic FTP) is designed for disciplined prop traders. They develop their skills over the long term and work for a forex prop firm that supports their growth. Fastest market expansion strategy. At each 10% target, CTI doubles traders’ account balance.

Day Trading Funded Trader Program

CTI Prop Firm is offering traders with a higher appetite for risk a new funding option to suit their trading style. With a 10% max drawdown and up to a 100% profit target, they have created the CTI Day Trading Funded Trader Program (Day Trading FTP) for high-risk traders. In fact, all trading styles are welcome in this program.

90% Profit Share

On all CTI scaling plans, they have raised the profit sharing for traders.

For portfolio managers at level 3 and above, the profit share is up to 90%.

Both new and existing accounts must comply with this.

As a funded trader, City Traders Imperium hopes to assist traders in their endeavors.

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