The Funded Trader – The Best Funded Account Option for Traders?

The Funded Trader is an established forex prop firm offering funding up to $1,500,000 for traders around the world. The company offers a huge profit split of up to 90%, with various methods of becoming funded

The Funded Trader offers great community feels and most importantly, great leverage. TFT was created by VVS Academy and Forex League, two fairly influential players in the forex industry. They have been educating traders for the last few years.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion on forex mentors in the industry, The Funded Trader’s offering is extremely strong and the company is already rivaling some of the biggest names in the prop firm industry

The scaling plan offered by The Funded Trader is great. It consistently rewards regular traders.

October Competition Review | The Funded Trader

In the latest YouTube video of The Funded Trader, they are reviewing their October Competition standings. They are taking a more in-depth look at the leader’s accounts as well as some recent changes to the competition.

The competition is held monthly and is free for participants to showcase their skills. The top 30 positions earn prizes at its conclusion.

The October competition did not come without its own set of challenges. They set out to make the competition as Fair as possible to eradicate gamblers once and for all.

Last but not the least, they gave a small glimpse about the upcoming December competition. Their plan is to have the largest trading competition on the internet and some of the greatest prizes.

The last day to register is November 30th at midnight. They have also mentioned the top three winners and their strategies.

Here is the video link to see the full video: