True Forex Funds Funded Accounts Overview 68K Profit Exposed

True Forex Funds is the fastest-evolving proprietary trading firm with an extensive vision. They provide ground-breaking technology and modern solutions for traders keen to advance in their careers.

Their funding program grants traders up to $400,000 upon successfully passing their 2-Phase Evaluation Process. The company can also directly cover traders’ potential losses.

Following are a few details about the firm:

  • Incorporation date: October 2021
  • The CEO is Richard Nagy
  • Their Office is located in Gyor, Hungary
  • Maximum allocation limit: $400,000
  • Phase 1 profit target 8%
  • Phase 2 profit target 4%
  • Maximum daily loss of 5% is allowed.
  • The firm allows a Maximum loss of 10%.

The prop firms allow traders to continue scaling their accounts with no maximum upside limit so that they can get their hands on plenty of capital.

True Forex Funds Funded accounts overview

True Forex Funds uploaded a video on their YouTube channel. In the video, the host, Joseph, look into some successfully funded accounts that have already performed well in the funded program. Accounts that have received the 80% profit split were also discussed in this video.

Joseph showed different accounts and their profits. He also revealed that they started making profits as soon as the traders joined. If we look at history, we can see that other traders leveled up their trading.

They found profitable trading ideas and took on some more wins. Most traders turned in psychologically and profitably to the upside. They continued to make profits with True Forex Funds. So, it can be seen that traders who, despite their past experiences, turned their expertise to the upside and made significant profits.

To see the full video, open the link below:

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