Audacity Capital Succesful Trader’s Interview

Audacity Capital was established in 2012 to assist traders in making money. On January 28, 2014, the company underwent formal incorporation. The firm allows its clients to work with capital worth up to $480,000. They have a partnership with an institutional liquidity provider that enables them to take advantage of the market’s high liquidity with no commissions, trade swaps, or narrow spreads.

The Frames, 1 Phipp Street, London, EC2A 4PS, England, United Kingdom, is where their corporate offices are situated.

Audacity Capital Trader Interview

Audacity Capital shared one of its trader interviews who doubled the size of his account. Benson, the trader, is from Nigeria and has some financial experience. He was immediately drawn to the concept of trading rights. He faced difficulties starting his own business after leaving his position as a bank employee. Trading was the first thing that came to mind.

Benson explained his trading approach, which he has used for four years. It took him three years to turn a profit, but now that he can consistently deliver results. He has shown this on his funded account by hitting his 10% target and seeing the account double.

Benson recently reached his 10% target on the 15K, earning him a promotion and doubling the size of his account to 30K.

He also describes his approach to risk management, which is a crucial component. He makes a lot of effort to manage that path without using excessive leverage. Then, when he reaches a specific level, he ensures that his stop loss is higher than it is to break even before entering another trade.

He also talks about his experience managing capital while working with Audacity Capital.

Benson never gave up despite going back and forth repeatedly. He knew that he was capable. His long-term goal is to achieve a monthly income of $500,000.

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