The Funded Trader November Competition Review

On May 12, 2021, the proprietary company, The Funded Trader, was established. As their brokers, they have agreements with Eightcap and Purple Trading Seychelles. Their corporate headquarters is at 14001 West Highway 29, Suite 102, Liberty Hill, Texas 78642.

They have a US-based office and allow their traders to work with capital totaling up to $1,500,000 in balance, and up to 90% profit splits.

The Forex League and the VVS Academy share the same founders as The Funded Trader.

The Funded Trader November Competition Review

The Funded Trader’s most recent YouTube video analyses the November competition standings and goes in-depth on the leader’s accounts. The top 30 places receive prizes at the end of the competition, which is held each month and is free for participants.

So, in third place, there is Thandi. This trader achieved the first-place rank during the competition, but as the days to the end drew near, they dropped to third, ending up with:

  • TOTAL PROFIT: $35,292
  • GAIN: 35.29%
  • WIN RATE: 54.39%
  • AVG WIN TRADE: $1,960
  • AVG LOSS TRADE: -$958
  • RRR: 2.05

They have Scientist, another outstanding performance, in second place. In comparison to the previous finalist, they have a significantly lower win rate:

  • WIN RATE: 44.83%
  • RRR: 2.40
  • AVG WIN TRADE: $1,326
  • AVG LOSS TRADE: -$552

To keep their balance positive or break even, they only need a 32.79% win rate.

XMBMT1234 is the finalist who wins first place. This trader received trades continuously.

  • WIN RATE: 57.93%
  • AVG WIN TRADE: $478
  • AVG LOSS TRADE: -$400
  • RRR: 1.19

The trader also executed a two lot of trade on the NDX 100 with the US-30, which is the most volatile index on TFT. 5553 PIPs later, he exited with a profit of $10,600 and the title of winner of the November competition for the $300,000 Royal Challenge.

To see the full details, watch the video:

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