True Forex Funds Funded Accounts Overview

The fastest-growing proprietary trading company, True Forex Funds, has a broad vision that includes ground-breaking technology and contemporary solutions for traders who are eager to advance in their careers.

Upon passing a 2-Phase Evaluation Process, their funding program offers grants of up to $400,000, and the company can directly cover traders’ potential losses.

  • Incorporation date: October 2021
  • The CEO is Richard Nagy
  • Their office is located in Gyor, Hungary
  • Maximum allocation limit: $400,000
  • Phase 1 profit target 8%
  • Phase 2 profit target 4%

True Forex Funds Funded Accounts Overview

True Forex Funds reviewed the first funded account, a MetaTrader 4 account, with a $200,000 initial deposit that was funded on October 6th. A maximum of $10,000 has been used as the basis for the trading goals.

This account has an average win rate of 67 percent and a risk-to-reward ratio of almost two. Gold made up 66 percent of the total trades. Only two positions were placed on “buy,” despite buying positions being more advantageous. The account holder ended up making $22,000 by concentrating on gold.

The second account, accordingly, this account holder was trading on the MetaTrader 5 platform for 14 days. On November 12th, the account holder made $12,000 thanks to 60 lots and seven trades. The most profitable instruments were Bitcoin, Dutch coin, GBP, USD, and US $30 cash.

The third and last account, a $100,000 account on MetaTrader 4, traded for 14 days and made $66,000. It received 80% of these maximum losses.

Winning trades are much more profitable than losing trades, so the risk-reward ratio is accurate on October 19th ($25,000) or October 21st ($21,000). The trader made $10,000 on gold alone.

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