November Prop Updates in One Place!

Forex Prop Reviews will do something different in the most recent Youtube video, as a massive year for the prop trading firm industry is almost ending. In this video, the host will be covering prop trading firms and the most significant update of November.

November Updates

These updates will mostly be about new features that a prop trading firm has introduced for their Traders, from new funding programs, new trading platforms, or similar features each prop firm has added. It’s essential to stay up to date with everything that’s going on in the prop trading world.

E8 Funding

The first proprietary trading firm whose November updates we will discuss is E8 Funding.

  • The firm has introduced its new funding program called E8 track. It’s a new and unique experience with a lower initial one-time fee, making it more easily accessible for Traders. After successfully passing all three evaluation phases, Traders are then given a live funded account where they’re eligible for 80 profit split withdrawals bi-weekly.
  • The second update was the introduction of the metatrader5 trading platform for all E8 evaluation funding programs. So, now every trader can choose between metatrader4 and metatrader5 as their trading platform while trading on the E8 evaluation accounts.

My Forex Funds

Next is My Forex Funds now; they’re another prop trading firm that has made an important update on its website.

  • They’ve updated and fully modernized their website, which is very imperative. So, it’s now much easier to use a much more effective redesign while being fully responsive on all devices and powered with first-class Technologies.
  • In addition, they’ve also added a new language which is the Chinese language.

City Traders Imperium

Let’s talk about the City Traders Imperium, another prop firm that has implemented many updates during November.

  • They’ve implemented crypto payouts which are great news for all crypto enthusiasts funded with City Traders Imperium and would like to receive their profit splits in crypto.
  • Another update was made on the profit shares of all their scaling plans, which were increased, so now Traders can enjoy up to 90 profit shares for portfolio manager level 3 and above accounts. This update will be applied to already existing and newly funded accounts.
  • The third update that was introduced was weekly payouts. These weekly payouts will now be available for Traders on all funded account types.
  • The next update, and probably the most important one that City Traders Imperium has introduced, is commission reduction. They’ve reduced their trading commissions on all account types from a higher nine dollars per round lot to 4.50 per round lot. So, this is a massive benefit for all Traders.
  • The last update from City Traders Imperium update from November is the implementation of additional trading instruments. So, Traders will now be able to trade four new indices.

The 5%ers

The next prop firm is The 5%ers. They introduced two significant updates in November.

  • The first was a bigger boot camp funding program account size. Traders can purchase the 100K Bootcamp and the 250k boot camp challenge. Both funding programs are precisely the same when it comes to trading objectives.
  • Since The 5%ers are constantly striving to provide the Traders with the best Possible Trading conditions, they decided to introduce spreads on Forex pairs at as low as zero. This will be a very positive update for many Traders, especially scalpers and day Traders.


The next firm is FTUK. It is also one of the prop trading firms.

  • The firm has implemented two new trading platform options for all their Traders. The update allows traders to opt for metatrader5 and have access to a more significant number of trading instruments.

Finotive Funding

Next in line is Finotive Funding.

  • They’ve decided to implement a unique feature where potential customers can try their free demo platform with one of their support staff members. This allows every individual to see all of the features the Finotive Funding platform offers before purchasing an account. You apply over a one-on-one call that lasts around 30 minutes with one of their support staff members.


Next, FundedNext has also had some updates during November. They’ve introduced three new updates for all of their traders to enjoy.

  • The first is the introduction of non-consistency express model accounts allowing traders to trade without consistent rules and limitations.
  • Another update the FundedNext has introduced is a 14-calendar day extension on phase one of evaluation model accounts.
  • The last update the FundedNext was the price reduction of all Express model plans. This allows all traders interested in participating in the express model to get an account for an even lower one-time fee than previously.

Lux Trading Firm

The last prop trading firm update for November that the host talks about is Lux Trading Firm. Three major updates to their already existing funding program.

  • They’ve changed their one-step evaluation process into a two-step evaluation process with higher account sizes. Now Traders are required to complete a two-step evaluation process to become funded.
  • Note that the profit targets have also been reduced, allowing Traders better conditions to become funded and earn their profit shares.
  • The last upgrade was regarding the profit share. They are now offering profit shares starting at 50, which can be scaled up to 75 based on the profit the trader makes on their live funded account.

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