ThorFX Discord Discount Offer!

The funded account challenge program for ThorFX, an ECN broker, went into effect on April 20, 2022. ThorFX is a reputable ECN broker that encourages and supports traders’ success. You can access a cutting-edge dashboard to follow your progress and a wide range of Funded Account options.

Traders must successfully complete a two-step evaluation process to demonstrate their expertise. After that, they are rewarded up to $200K in funding. You can’t go wrong with this broker because their profit targets are entirely attainable.

ThorFX Discord Discount Offer

ThorFX values traders a lot. So, to provide comfort to traders who want to start trading with them, the prop firm offers another discount. ThorFX has announced a 20% discount on All funded account evaluations for users in their discord! Use the discount code “THORFXDISCORD20”.

Just in case you need to know, ThorFX offers five types of evaluation accounts which includes:

  • $10k
  • $25k
  • $50k
  • $100k
  • $200k

All of these accounts are two-step evaluation programs. The evaluation program account allows you to trade with 1:100 leverage. By completing both evaluation steps, you are awarded a funded account. There are no profit targets in the funded account. You must only respect the 5% maximum daily loss and 15% maximum loss rules.

Your first payout is seven calendar days from placing your first position on your funded account. Your profit split will be 80% based on the profit you make on your funded account.

Head to the ThorFX website and sign up for an account. And don’t forget about the 20% discount they offer if you are a discord member.

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