The Funded Trader Interview: $6000 Profit?

Incorporated on May 12th, 2021, The Funded Trader is a prop firm. The Funded Trader is looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable traders who will prosper with the aid of their funds by displaying expertise in volatile market conditions. By managing account sizes up to $1,500,000 and taking home profit splits up to 90%, they enable them to generate high profits. They have three different funding accounts that traders can choose from.

The Funded Trader interview with Trader

The Funded Trader shared an interview with one of its traders named Zakar. Zakar Dolcey, aka Tradesmart, is a 28 years old funded trader born in Pasadena, California, grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and was raised in Chicago.

After hearing about money-making and the stock market from the class, he tried to make a demo account for stock trading but couldn’t figure it out. Eventually, he came across Forex 4 years later and has never looked back since then.

For Zakar, the essential part of his psychology is risk management. Next is patience, followed by discipline to stop over-trading. When he first started, he started with the wrong expectations. He was very aggressive and wanted to figure out how to make money quickly. He was also unafraid to use large lot sizes that were not relative to his account size.

Zakar also recommends learning institutional concepts and taking them very seriously. “You can’t go wrong if you don’t give up; it’s a journey, and you must stay humble and keep learning.” Zakar is eight years into trading and still studies a lot. He says it’s a never-ending process, but it pays off.

There is certainly more to learn from, so take a look at the video:

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