FundedNext ‘Meet the Traders’ Series! Let’s get Motivated!

FundedNext encourages its traders to excel in their trading careers. They highly value disciplined people who appropriately manage risk and concentrate on long-term consistency with their clients. This is evident in their scaling plan, which has a massive $4,000,000 cap. According to the funding program option they offer, traders can receive profit splits ranging from 60% to 90%. Trading in indices, commodities, and forex pairs can help them generate these profits.

  • Excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.6/5
  • No restrictions on trading style
  • Overnight and weekend holding allowed

FundedNext ‘Meet the Traders’ Episodes

FundedNext is a highly flexible and successful prop firm. They have been making updates and providing as much easiness as possible for them. And to make trading easier for their traders and to motivate them, FundedNext started the ‘Meet the Traders’ series. They started this series seven months ago. And we thought we would sum up those episodes for you. So, if any of the traders are feeling down, watch these FundedNext ‘Meet the Traders’ series to motivate yourself.

Episode 1: In this video, Mr. Perawat Surojnametakul from Thailand shares his success story.


Episode 2: In the second episode of their interview series. Mr. Figueroa received a whopping $12,516 payout from FundedNext.


Episode 3: In the third episode of the interview series. Mr. Casella shared his trading journey:


Episode 4: The Trader Mr. Ngure on the fourth episode of the interview series.


Episode 5: In the Fifth episode, Mr. Dasilva, one of their successful FundedNext traders living in Japan, was interviewed.


Episode 6: In episode 6, Mr. Dede, a talented trader from Indonesia, was interviewed.


Episode 7: In this episode, Mr. Ashraf is interviewed.


Episode 8: Mr. Lafayette from the Netherlands was interviewed.


Episode 9: In this video, Mr. Andrew, who lives in Australia, talks about his journey.


Episode 10: A veteran trader, Mr. Pradyut, who lives in Dubai, highlights his trading career:

These are ten episodes of the FundedNext ‘Meet the Traders Series.’ There are more, but why don’t you get motivated by these? And if you find the firm interesting and want to trade with them, don’t forget to use our discount code (FOREXPROPREVIEWS) for a 5% discount.

FundedNext has also launched a trading tool, ‘Trade Manager’; read about it by clicking on the link.