Forex Prop Reviews Discounts, Promos, and Cashback- All here!

Hello to all! We at Forex Prop Reviews are glad that you are here. Being able to give you accurate information, news, and data about the proprietary trading industry is a privilege for us. In 2023, the Prop Firm is anticipated to grow in notoriety and popularity. As a result, we are here to assist everyone who wants to start trading. Discounts, promotions, and cashback links are available from Forex Prop Reviews for many well-known prop companies.

Start by taking advantage of the Forex Prop Reviews discounts if you plan to start trading in 2023.

Forex Prop Reviews Discounts

Here is the table to show how much discount we are offering for different Prop firms:

Prop Firm NameDiscount CodeDiscount code/Link
My Forex Funds5% offforexpropreviews5
Funded Trading Plus7% offFOREXPROPREVIEWS
True Forex Funds15% CashbackCashback link
Finotive Funding5% off + 5% Profit split IncreaseFOREXPROPREVIEWS
The Funded Trader10% offFOREXPROPREVIEWS
Fidelcrest15% offFPR-15
SurgeTrader10% offFPREVIEWS10OFF
The 5%ers5% offDiscount link
FTUK5% offforexpropreviews
Blue Guardian Capital10% offforexpropreviews
City Traders imperium5% offctidiscount5%
Audacity Capital5% offFunded Trader Program: FOREXPROP5%; Ability Challenge: FOREXPROPREVIEWS
BluFx15% CashbackCashback link
Traders Eco15% CashbackCashback Link
Lux Trading Firm5% offforexpropreviews
Leveled Up Society5% offO9EMESIKFE
Fund Your FX15% CashbackCashback link
Top Tier Trader5% offTMZ2IGAINC
The Prop Trading15% CashbackCashback link
ThorFX20% offforexpropreviews
Funded Academy15% CashbackCashback link

Please note that all are legitimate Prop firms. Also, you can take a look at the following:

Also, if you want to know How the Cashback link works, read our article about True Forex Funds, which explains how the cashback works in detail.