The Funded Trader King’s Program Update. What’s New?

By managing account sizes up to $1,500,000 and taking home profit splits up to 90%, The Funded Trader enables traders to make significant profits.

The Funded Trader offers its traders three different programs to choose from:

  • Standard challenge accounts
    • Standard regular challenge accounts
    • Standard swing challenge accounts
  • Rapid challenge accounts
    • Rapid regular challenge accounts
    • Rapid swing challenge accounts
  • Royal challenge accounts

And they will be launching two more programs soon: King’s Program and One-Step Challenge.

The Funded Trader King’s Program Update

The Funded Trader will soon launch their New Program, The King’s Program. Due to some requests from their traders and community, The Funded Trader has an update for their King’s Program.

Firstly, please remember that those eligible for this program will be amongst the firm’s top, most successful, and long-term traders who have proven themselves to be consistent, disciplined, and overall professionals.

The traders who will be eligible for the program will have the following benefits:

  • Withdraw anytime with no limitations
  • 8-hour payout processing time
  • 90% payout splits

Now let’s talk about The Funded Trader King’s Program Update.

  • One of the criteria items was to have traded 300 lots per $100k account. Their community expressed their frustration over this since if they were trading indices and commodities, this would be impossible to attain. So, the firm has decided to adjust these criteria to be based on Notional Volume instead. This will be displayed on the trader’s dashboard by the end of February.  

If you want to understand King’s Program, look at the explainer video and the details that the firm has launched. Click on the link. Also, remember that Traders eligible for King’s Program will be contacted by the Prop Firm and be eligible for benefits starting in February!

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