City Traders Imperium Free Trial Program- Let’s get it!

City Traders Imperium is a proprietary firm based in the UK, London. Their incorporation was carried out on July 13th, 2018, by Daniel Bautista. City Traders Imperium enables you to use a third-party program as your broker and trade on MetaTrader 5. They let traders manage accounts up to $4,000,000 and receive up to 100% of profits. Traders can achieve this by trading Forex pairs, gold, and indices. City Traders Imperium is an excellent choice to get funded since you have three different funding programs.

  • Aggressive scaling program (Classic and Standard accounts).
  • Scale-able profit split up to 100% on all funding programs.
  • One year to pass the challenge (Classic evaluation accounts).
  • 45 Calendar days to pass each stage of the Day Trading Funding program.

City Traders Imperium Free Trial Program

The Prop firm, City Traders Imperium, has exciting News to share with the traders. The firm has been excellent regarding funding programs as they have various options which traders can choose from. And now they have announced the launch of their Free Trial program.

Starting today, you can try their Demo Free Trial account at no cost. Experience the full capabilities of their innovative products. Sign up now and take advantage of this opportunity.

The specifications for the City Traders Imperium Free Trial Program:

With this Demo Free Trial account, traders can check the following:

  1. Trade execution speed.
  2. Spreads.
  3. Commission.
  4. Lot Size Calculations.

Traders can take trades on this account which simulates the City Traders Imperium funding program’s trading conditions. However, the firm also asked traders not to overuse the trial account and ensure that they close all trades after testing it.

The firm also shared that they have disabled any rules from this account so that no rules breach would be triggered.

So, start your free trial today by clicking on the link. And before starting your trading, check their list of Symbol Specification & Trading Hours by clicking on the link.

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