The 5%ers Interview: $125k Bootcamp and ICT Trader!

The 5%ers is a prop company in London, United Kingdom. They provide instant funding for models with moderate- or high-risk characteristics. Traders can choose from instant funding account sizes starting at $6,000, $10,000, and $20,000 and scaling up to $4,000,000.

The 5%ers interview with the Trader

The 5%ers shared an interview with one of their traders, Yiannis. Yiannis has previously worked as a performance data analyst. He searched for a transition, which brought him to personal trading and training. He started watching some YouTube videos and got hooked on the scruffy trader, who suggested a bootcamp challenge. That was probably one of the most difficult challenges he has ever faced. He believes it laid the groundwork for the ICT results that are now regularly accessible.

Yiannis believes that his love and aptitude for learning are his greatest strengths. He was constantly looking for ways to improve his trade. His partner has been a help to him in dealing with the numerous ways that brains are adept at demeaning and making one feel inferior.

Yiannis said that no plan, indicator, or strategy will ever continue to be effective. Traders must be able to spot the trade that will eventually cause them to lose everything. Deal with that trade in a way that will enable traders to continue trading consistently and sustainably.

In general, he works hard to achieve his goals with the belief that he will succeed. He thinks the secret is to not focus too much on the ideal course of action. Yiannis upgraded his Bootcamp account. He is currently trading using the $125,000 funded account.

For more insights, watch the video:

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