Alpha Capital Group Updated Rules- Let’s see what’s new!

Alpha Capital Group is a proprietary firm incorporated on the 2nd of November, 2021. They have offices in London, UK, offering traders a chance to work with capital up to $2,000,000 with 80% profit splits. They pride themselves on the launch of their own in-house proprietary execution brokerage, ACG Markets, which offers traders excellent trading conditions.

  • Overnight and weekend holding are allowed.
  • News trading allowed.
  • Scaling account option.
  • Leverage 1:100.

Their headquarters are at 10 Lower Thames Street, Billingsgate, London, England, EC3R 6AF.

Alpha Capital Group Rule Update

Alpha Capital Group is all set to up its game. As requested by their traders and community, they will bend their rules a little. After popular demand and a lot of work behind the scenes, Alpha Capital Group has listened and updated some of its rules.

Let’s take a look at the Alpha Capital Group Updated Rules:

  • Minimum trading days from 10 days to only five days per phase!
  • They have also decided to extend the duration of Phase 1 to 35 days instead of 30. This gives traders an additional week to achieve the target.
  • They have also shared that it will now only takes a minimum of 10 days to be a funded trader as opposed to the previous 20 days.

Now, these are some significant updates by the prop firm. Alpha Capital Group is different from other prop firms due to offering five different two-step evaluation account sizes. And now they have also relaxed their rules.

The minimum trading days won’t be a hurdle for traders to move on to the next phase of the challenge. The additional five days added to phase 1 will allow traders to take off their pressure and complete the profit target efficiently. And since it is all about being funded by the prop firm, getting funded in 10 days is also great.

So, we conclude these updates are GREAT!

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