Prop Firm CEO Series Episode 1: FundedNext!

Hello Traders! Trading can be tricky and complicated. And many fraudulent activities take place. So, starting trading with a prop firm is always recommended when you know about it, have read about it, or at least have seen the reviews. Forex Prop Reviews is starting a new series where we will let you read about the CEOs of Prop firms. Getting to know the CEO might interest many to see what kind of team and firm they are interacting with. For the first one, we have decided to talk about the FundedNext CEO.

FundedNext CEO

Abdullah Jayed is the CEO of FundedNext. Abdullah Jayed is globally recognized. He is one of the most promising young entrepreneurs in the digital sector and the retail trading industry. He founded Jayed Corp back in 2016. This was to create opportunities for employment on a global basis and additionally simplify people’s lives.

He is very well known for founding the following projects: Growth Alliance, MoneyBackFX, and eComChef, which all became leading companies within the market in a short period. Additionally, after finding major success in the retail trading industry, he founded FundedNext. FundedNext is a multi-million-dollar proprietary trading firm that has become a beautiful opportunity inside the industry.

One of Jayed’s beliefs is that every young and enthusiastic individual should chase their dreams to reach their goals. FundedNext project is a representation of it. He is encouraging traders with a solid trading strategy to test themselves and receive funding upon being successful in the evaluation. This way, traders can access more significant amounts of capital and earn percentage-based profit splits as a reward for their hard work and dedication.

Anyone interested in following Abdullah Jayed can follow his Instagram and LinkedIn. This way, you will be able to see more of his posts and what he’s up to daily.

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