The Funded Trader Interview with a Trader: $9000 Profit by trading!

The Funded Trader is offering three different funding programs. In addition, they also offer traders relaxed trading rules. You can trade during news, hold trades overnight, and during the weekends.

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  • Leverage up to 200:1
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The Funded Trader Interview with Görkem

By the end of this week, let’s get motivated by the interview of a trader of The Funded Trader. Görkem is a 23-year-old, Germany-based trader whose origins are in Turkey and Greece; Görkem is also a student of economic psychology, which has helped him with his endeavor in the trading field.

In The Funded Trader interview, he shares his trading journey, principles on risk management and psychology, and his strategy. He is a former professional boxer, and he discusses his experiences within the FOREX community, his rise to success as a full-time trader, and his background.

After almost two years of researching and looking for another form of income, Görkem found several YouTube videos he would watch, study, and internalize. He repeated this process until he truly understood the information at hand.

Görkem delves into his psychology background and speaks to how different every person is and how not every strategy will work proficiently for every person.

He shared that risk management appetite is different, gains expected are vastly different, tolerance for time and analysis is different, and we all have different expectations and patience with the financial markets. This is why we must all develop our best strategy.

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