“Meet the CEO” Series Episode 5: Funded Trading Plus

Hello, there, traders! It’s a beautiful week for all Prop Firm lovers. Many prop firms are making steady steps to become the best. We feel overwhelmed that the Prop Firm Industry is growing and expanding. Looking back, we will see that the prop industry wasn’t much known, but now, the rapid growth and the attention it is getting are enormous. Let’s move on to the topic of our new series, “Meet the CEO.” This time we will introduce the CEO of Funded Trading Plus, Simon Massey.

But before we talk about him, let us recall that Funded Trading Plus is a proprietary trading firm incorporated on the 2nd of November, 2021. They allow their clients to work with an account with up to $200,000 capital, scaled up to $2,500,000.

Now, let’s talk about Simon Massey, CEO of Funded Trading Plus.

Funded Trading Plus CEO

Simon Massey is the CEO of Funded Trading Plus. As a young man, he is an adrenaline-driven person who followed the idea that being a first responder in emergency services would give him satisfaction and a long-term career. However, after ten years, he realized this wasn’t his path as he looked into how his future was forming. He decided to take a leave and used the time to consider his options for the future.

Simon got the idea of going into the financial business from his friend Pasha, an ex-city trader for one of the bigger Wall Street banks, a thriving retail trader. He realized while learning from Pasha that there were numerous possibilities, which encouraged him to start trading for himself. In a couple of years, he decided to quit his job and started trading full-time.

In addition to trading, Simon also focused on helping and mentoring others. With that idea, Trade Room Plus was formed so that he and Michael could share their experience with others and help them start their trading journey. However, the concept of Funded Trading Plus came from the significant advantage that Pasha had over average retail traders, which was a serious amount of capital. This way, the formed proprietary trading firm allows every individual to work with higher amounts of capital that would typically have been unreachable for average retail traders.

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