“Meet the CEO” Series Episode 10: FTMO! Who’s it?

We are also learning a lot about prop firms and their CEO. Every CEO has a unique aim, story, and history. We love that we get to be the ones to share the incredible details of these successful CEO. We hope that these introductions are helpful. That being said, let’s talk about today’s CEO. We are going to introduce today the CEO of FTMO, Otakar Suffner. But before that, let’s dive into some of the details of FTMO.

FTMO is a proprietary firm incorporated in September 2015. They have offices in Prague in the Czech Republic while offering traders capital up to $2,000,000 in balance with up to 90% profit splits. They are partnered with a liquidity provider that supplies the institutional data feed with the direct market access execution model on their live corporate accounts.

Now, let’s talk about the CEO of FTMO:


Otakar Suffner is the CEO of FTMO, who was born and raised in Prague. He believes you don’t need a university education to be a good trader or businessman, although it certainly helps. He has a master’s degree in Economics, which he obtained from a famous university in Prague. At that time, he also studied in South Korea at Seoul National University.

Otakar has a major passion for sports; he used to play tennis when he was growing up. However, he wasn’t good enough to pursue a career out of it. Nowadays, on the other hand, he does sports 3-4 times a week. Mostly fitness, calisthenics, and kickboxing.

His journey as a trader began almost a decade ago when he started on Futures and later transitioned to Forex and CFDs, where he had more freedom with his position sizing. This was due to having a smaller account since his options were extremely limited at that time. As a trader, Otakar is a very statistics-based person who believes in numbers. He likes to focus on probabilities, which enable him to create unique trading ideas.

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