“Meet the CEO” Series Episode 9: City Traders Imperium CEOs!

Hello Traders! We hope this week goes fantastic for everyone. As always, we have another piece of information to share. In our new series, “Meet the CEO,” we have another firm whose introduction we will be sharing with you all. This time we will be talking about City Traders Imperium CEOs. CTI is a proprietary firm based in the UK, London. The firm offers day trading, standard, classic, and direct funding programs. City Traders Imperium allows traders to acquire capital up to $2,000,000 per account. CTI will enable you to trade on MetaTrader 5 while using a 3rd party program as their broker.

Now, let’s talk about the CEOs of City Traders Imperium.

  • Daniel Martin
  • Martin Najat

Daniel Martin and Martin Najat are the co-founders of City Traders Imperium.

City Traders Imperium CEOs

First, we have Daniel Martin. Daniel Martin is one of the co-founders of City Traders Imperium, with more than 20 years of trading experience. He has helped a wide variety of traders become consistently profitable in their trading by focusing on developing their trading psychology and methodology. He decided that after years of success and the achievement of financial freedom, he was not done with the markets. Instead of retiring, he committed to a new life goal of creating a global army of profitable traders.

On the other hand, Martin Najat is the second co-founder of City Traders Imperium. He has seen significant success as a Smart Money Concepts trader and has become a full-time trader after improving his trading psychology with the help of Daniel Martin.

His vision while founding City Traders Imperium was to help undercapitalized traders that lacked the amount of capital and help them change their lives. While working as an investment analyst in London, he soon realized that he wanted to engage in much more than just trading. With that, he is currently running City Traders Imperium and helping build a strong team of profitable traders.

Anyone interested in following Martin Najat can do so by following his Instagram and LinkedIn. This way, you will be able to see more of his posts and what he’s up to on a daily basis.

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