City Traders Imperium Virtual Trading Floor and Live Webinars!

The headquarters of City Traders Imperium is in London, England. Day trading, standard, classic, and direct funding programs are available from CTI. You can obtain capital up to $2,000,000 per account through the special scaling plans each of the funding as mentioned earlier programs offer.

CTI enables you to use a third-party program as your broker and trade on MetaTrader5. The mission of City Traders Imperium is to change the lives of undercapitalized traders by providing them with the necessary capital.

City Traders Imperium Virtual Trading Floor and Live Webinars

The world is evolving, and so is the Prop Trading Industry. We are entering a new era of the Virtual world. Everything is digitized, and people are connected from all over the world. City Traders Imperium is one of those firms taking advantage of this opportunity by introducing a Virtual Trading Floor. They have opened their virtual trading floor. City Traders Imperium also announced that they would be hosting Weekly and Mid-Weekly Live Webinars.

This will help to provide a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Diego will share his expertise on the latest market trends and trading strategies. He will also share his thoughts on the best opportunities for the week ahead. Whether you’re an experienced trader or just starting, this webinar will undoubtedly provide valuable information to help you succeed.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills or stay up to date with the latest trends, these webinars are the perfect platform. The webinar will take place on Monday and Wednesday every week. Join them every Monday and Wednesday.

City Traders Imperium Virtual Trading Floor and Live webinars will help you to discover new ideas and gain valuable knowledge. Also, remember that all the times displayed are meant to be UK Times.

Also, City Traders Imperium has launched a Free Trial; read about it by clicking on the link. And after the trial, if you think they are what you want in a prop firm, use our discount code (ctidiscount5%) for a 5% discount.